People Also Ask

How many devices can I connect to my Starter Value Pack

You can add up to 30 devices across both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Can I add additional nodes to my WiFi Mesh?

Yes you can! But you are limited by the specification of your primary Node (The one directly connected to your LAN/WAN). For Example:

Are there complete specification datasheets on the products?

Yes there are.. see the complete list in Datasheets. From the Main Menu, go to > Datasheets

Why use a WiFi Mesh opposed to Extending a WiFi Router's Signal?

A mesh node propagates a new coverage signal at the same strenght as your original (source) access point. Where, an extender shares the original signal to an extended area of coverage. Hence, encountering an overall performace degradation as it is extended.

There are many reputable WiFi Mesh products in the market, why should I buy Comstel's?

At Comstel, we too have selected reputable and leading manufacturers which represent the best 'value for money' without technical sacrifice. We have assembled them in 'Bundled Value Packages'which provides you an assortment of devices you can compatibly use as automation and productivity enablers along with your WiFi Mesh network, for a lot LE$$!!!.

Is the WiFi Mesh and its bundled devices easy to install?

Following the steps provided, we suggest it is relatively easy!!! In the case that you may need assistance we provide you with an installation voucher valued at $125 which will contribute towards installation call out fees you may opt to take.

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